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Celebrate National Milk Tart Day with our delicious Cableway special!

National Milk Tart Day on 27 February is a BIG delicious day at the Cableway each year. In 2018, we’re going bigger and better with a two-day long must-taste milk tart special at our Table Mountain Café and Lower Station Kiosk!

Instagram Fridays: Five cool lightning storm photos of and from the top of Table Mountain

Our eagle-eyed Instagram followers were all about capturing those must-have lightning shots on Table Mountain, and these are five of our favourites:

#AsktheCableway: Can I book my free Birthday Special ticket online?

This week in our ongoing #AsktheCableway blog series, we answer your important question: “Can I book my free Birthday Special ticket online?”

Milla Jovovich visits the Cableway!

There’s no denying Table Mountain’s star power and ability to attract Hollywood’s elite. The latest star to fall for our African wonder of nature’s charms is actress Milla Jovovich!

Cableway announces 2018 annual maintenance dates

Visitors planning to head up Table Mountain via the cable cars this coming winter should factor in the Cableway’s annual maintenance dates: Monday, 23 July to Sunday, 5 August 2018.

Instagram Fridays: Table Mountain under cloud cover

We often experience four seasons in one day in Cape Town, but no matter the weather, Table Mountain always looks drop dead gorgeous!
This week, we look at our five favourite follower photos of Table Mountain under cloud cover:

#AsktheCableway: Can I renew my Cable Card online?

This week in our ongoing #AsktheCableway blog series, we answer your question: “Can I renew my Cable Card online?”

The Illusionists star Chris Cox visits the Cableway!

Table Mountain, our African wonder of nature, leaves her visitors awe-struck, even those who are magical themselves, like The Illusionists star Chris Cox!

Valentine’s Day on Table Mountain

Fancy stealing a kiss or three from your significant other atop Table Mountain as you watch the sun sink into the Atlantic Ocean this Valentine’s Day? Table Mountain Cableway’s Sunset Special will get you to the view, for half the price.

Instagram Fridays: Five breathtaking follower photos of Table Mountain

If it’s Friday, it’s time for a roundup of our favourite awe-inspiring Instagram follower photos of Table Mountain.

#AsktheCableway: What are you doing to manage the water crisis?

The current water crisis in Cape Town, and what companies like the Table Mountain Cableway, are doing to save water ahead of Day Zero is at the top of everyone’s minds.

This week, in our ongoing #AsktheCableway blog series, we answer your question “what are you, the Cableway, doing to manage the water crisis?”

Cableway’s 27 Millionth Visitor Arrives

Today saw the arrival of Table Mountain Cableway’s 27 millionth visitor, with the latest milestone having taken just under a year to reach!