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Behind the scenes at Table Mountain Aerial Cableway: Keeping the cable car at peak performance

The Table Mountain cable cars are always ready and waiting to whisk its first batch of visitors to the top of Table Mountain in the morning, thanks to an efficient cleaning crew who give them a once-over as the sun comes up.

The cars are cleaned every day and minor repairs are carried out on an ongoing basis.

When the Cableway has a shutdown, the cars are given a thorough washing. During an annual two-week shutdown period in winter, overhauls and maintenance are carried out on the machinery and cables.

Ten tips on conquering vertigo

We see people like you all the time in the cable cars. People who stand on the centre console of a car, where the floor doesn’t rotate, hands squeezing the railings, trying to extract any metal impurities not removed in the original manufacturing process.

Your eyes are fixed unwaveringly on the floor. Your mind is throwing open the doors on all your memories, trying to find the entrance to your elusive happy place.

What it’s like to be a mom on the mountain

From the time he was a baby, my son Kyle has known Table Mountain as “mommy’s mountain” and if it’s covered by cloud I always ask him, “Who stole mommy’s mountain?”

That’s how great my passion for “my mountain” is!


Lost and found on Table Mountain

One of the most common questions one wants to ask when getting a call about a lost item is: “Where was it lost?” But clearly the item would not be lost if the answer to this question was known!

Being in charge of lost property on Table Mountain has its rewarding and frustrating moments.


Weddings on Table Mountain: A sunset affair!

Remember the saying “Red sky in the morning, shepherd’s warning; red sky at night is a shepherd’s delight”? 

Well, consider us at Table Mountain Aerial Cableway delighted shepherds every night, as sunsets over the mountain are virtually always spectacular! 

TMAC staff take time on out the mountain

The secret’s out; staff visit Table Mountain in their spare time, on their days off, and during their holiday leave!

This picture, of my boyfriend and I, was taken one evening after work earlier this month, when we visited the spectacular mountain.


Were you the daredevil who scared us half to death?

More than four months on, we’re still looking for the culprit who almost stopped our hearts on top of Table Mountain!

On November 5th, last year, Table Mountain Aerial Cableway held a sunset special function for their top suppliers, at the Table Mountain Café on the summit. Just before the sun sank below the horizon, we were joined by a shadow hovering above us…


Table Mountain Aerial Cableway gets ‘diskified’ ahead of the 2010 FIFA World Cup™

Football fans across South Africa and around the world are learning the diski dance to prepare for the FIFA World Cup™ kick-off in June, and Table Mountain Aerial Cableway employees are no exception!

As part of TMAC’s preparations, which started several months ago, staff members have been honing their diski dance skills – and sharing them on the World Wide Web.

From the Table Mountain Flickr group: The Famous Icon at Sunset

A stunning view of the mountain from across Table Bay. Photo courtesy Konrad Blum.

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TMAC staff attend blogging workshop

Five Table Mountain Aerial Cableway staff members attended a blogging workshop at their offices on Wednesday afternoon, along with three employees from Splash PR and Media Consultants.

The workshop was held by Flow Communications, responsible for co-ordinating Cableway’s website content, including the blog.

Go Cape Town card a hit with tourists

The Go Cape Town card is becoming increasingly popular among tourists flocking to Cape Town; it’s poised to be the ticket of choice to city attractions for soccer fans in the Mother City for the 2010 FIFA World Cup™.

The card is your passport to amazing sights and experiences in Cape Town, including the iconic Table Mountain and its ever-popular Aerial Cableway.

From the Table Mountain Flickr group: A dramatic day on the mountain

A dramatic view on Table Mountain, with the sun glinting off the ocean. Photo courtesy Joel Metlen.

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