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Cableway’s silliest 2017 questions

Our Cableway reception and social media teams are inundated with questions daily and some of them are just downright silly!

The Cableway’s 2017 in review: five awe-inspiring highlights

As 2017 draws to a close, we look back at what an awe-inspiring year it has been for us!

Instagram Fridays: Views of the Mother City from the summit of Table Mountain

The views of Cape Town, the Mother City, from the summit of Table Mountain are legendary, so much so that our Instagram followers have been flooding our feed with incredible photos of it!

Get the perfect Christmas stocking filler at the Cableway!

Struggling to find the perfect Christmas stocking filler for the nature-lover or photography addict in your life? Look no further than our awe-inspiring Cable Card and the all-new Changing the Lines coffee table book!

Instagram Fridays: 5 of the best Cableway follower photos

If it’s Friday, it’s time for our five best Cableway Instagram follower photos!

Get your Early Access Tickets this peak season!

Keen to have Table Mountain and the views of Cape Town all to yourself this festive season? Book your Early Access Tickets at a premium price and solitude at the summit of our Wonder of Nature is all yours!

The Cableway and the festive season: What you need to know

The sun’s out, the Michael Bublé Christmas album is playing on repeat, and the crowds are flocking to visit Table Mountain – yes, the 2017/2018 festive season is well and truly underway at the Cableway!

Celebrating International Mountain Day with The Cableway

To celebrate International Mountain Day on Monday 11 December, Table Mountain Cableway, in partnership with the Geological Society of South Africa, has put together an infographic revealing the geological secrets of the 260 million year old Cape Town icon.

Instagram Fridays: New 7 Wonder yellow frame follower photos

It’s been nearly a month since our sixth New 7 Wonders of Nature anniversary, and our Instagram followers have been flooding our feed with photos of our yellow legacy frames!

Countdown to the end of #SunsetSpecial 2017!

Time sure does fly when you’re having fun – the 2017 edition of our awe-inspiring half-price Sunset Special ends on 17 December 2017!

#AsktheCableway: Will the cable cars run on New Year’s Eve?

As we gear up for the biggest night of the year, our Cableway social media feeds are being flooded with the questions, “Will the cable cars run on New Year’s Eve?” and “Will you be open on 31 December?”

Instagram Fridays: Summer follower photos of Table Mountain

Summer is here and visitors are flocking to the wondrous slopes of Table Mountain, our African Wonder of Nature, for those must-have Instagram photos!