A starry Table Mountain image wins an international photo contest

An image titled “Star Trails Above Table Mountain” is the overall winner in the 6th International Earth and Sky Photo Contest on Dark Skies Importance. It also bagged first prize in the Against the Lights category.

Photographer Eric Nathan, who lives in South Africa and the United Kingdom, took the photo in June 2014.  According to The World at Night (TWAN), Eric noted that the image juxtaposes a moonlit Table Mountain and the star trails above it with the artificial lights of Cape Town, a stack of more than 900 30-second exposures.

Contest judge David Malin commented that the view of Table Mountain from the summit of Lion’s Head is spectacular in daylight but is astonishing by night.

Long-time National Geographic photographer and judge, James Richardson added that the play of light patterns with the circling stars set against the urban labyrinths, makes the image a delight to explore, while at the same time showing the power of city lights to dominate the natural world.

The image was among 1 000 entries taken in more than 50 countries and territories.

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