#AsktheCableway: Is the Birthday Special available for children too?

Our Birthday Special is not available for children, but you can treat them to a free ride with the Kidz Season special!

Our Cableway Birthday Special, which sees local SA residents get a free ticket on their special day, is a popular one. So much so, that one of the most frequently asked questions we receive is, “ Is the Birthday Special available for children too?”

Unfortunately, it isn't. 

As per our terms and conditions, which you can see here, this special offer is only valid for South African residents 18 years and older. You need to have a valid SA ID to claim your free ticket.

We do still have something for the little ones though!

Our amazing Kidz Special allows two children, aged 4 to 17, to ride free with every paying adult on weekends, school holidays and public holidays, until 30 September 2017.

Get all of the cool info about this awesome special here.

Visiting the Cableway with your family soon? Use the hashtag #KidzSeason to be featured on our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram feeds.

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