Cableway hosts mountain-ledge clean-up

Cableway hosts mountain-ledge clean-up

Environmentalist Brian Watts joined The Cableway mountain-ledge clean-up team. Image credit: Brian Watts

Passionate environmentalists Brian Watts, Michael Champion and Miles Adams joined members of the Cableway’s operations team, Clinton Maart and George Myata, for a mountain-ledge clean-up on Monday 8 May 2017.

Environmental responsibility is one of the key pillars of the Cableway’s responsible tourism strategy and the clean-up is one of our annual projects that we look forward to most.

As our diligent team got their hands dirty, they discovered plenty of unusual objects, including a box containing human ashes. They also picked up a substantial number of soiled nappies and plenty of sunglasses and hats.

After filling an impressive 15 bags with litter collected from the ledges they were able to access on the Monday, the clean-up team returned the next Wednesday, 17 May, to fill an additional five bags.

Here are some images of the clean-up:

More than 15 bags of litter were collected during the mountain-ledge clean-up. Image credit: Brian Watts

Clean-up team member Michael Champion in the swing of things. Image credit: Brian Watts

Taking a break between clean-up shifts. Image credit: Brian Watts

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