Climbers clean up Table Mountain

Climbers clean up Table Mountain

Mountain climbers prepare for their rubbish collection

Hard-to-reach places on Table Mountain had a good clean-up on Human Rights Day, when members of the University of Cape Town (UCT) Mountain Club, the Mountain Club of South Africa and volunteers spent their morning collecting just over two tons of rubbish.

Not all of it was waste though. Some of the items collected included cameras, camera lenses, camping chairs and a folding table.

Table Mountain Aerial Cableway Company marketing manager Collette van Aswegen says locals often bring their own chairs up the mountain, while other tems could have been dropped or blown away by the wind, landing below the Twelve Apostles Terrace and the viewing decks facing the city and Camps Bay.

The 68 climbers clambered down to the areas under the viewing decks facing the city, Camps Bay and the area below the Twelve Apostles Terrace. They started at 7.30am and finished at noon.

Van Aswegen says this was the second year the climbers had volunteered their time. Cableway environmental officer Marie Abraham approached the Mountain Club of South Africa and the University of Cape Town Mountain and Ski Club (UCT MSC), asking if they could clear inaccessible areas around the Upper Cable Station.

Chris Laidler, chairman of the UCT MSC, says last year’s clean-up was so successful that they had decided to make it an annual Human Rights Day event.

“As climbers we have a deep-running love for the outdoors, particularly Table Mountain. Unfortunately some of our best climbing is done on the cliffs surrounding the Upper Cable Station, and these become littered with waste from the Upper Cable Station. This event is an opportunity for the climbing community to give something back and help preserve some of our natural environment,” says Laidler.

Some of the 68 climbers who collected two tons of waste
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