Diamonds lost and found on Table Mountain

Diamonds lost and found on Table Mountain

This is the unlikely story about a diamond lost and found – four years later.

Stefani Morse’s story started on a lovely day while hiking along Table Mountain in 1999.

On the day of the hike, with the Mountain Club of South Africa, Cape Town section, she was wearing a pair of diamond earrings, which she had inherited when her mother passed away the previous year.

During the hike, the group took a short break. Stefani then removed a top, which is when the earring fell out.

Because she was new to the group she didn’t make a fuss about the earring.

“I did sort of look for it. I was very sad, I never took the earrings off because I liked them so much. I just thought, ‘Ok that’s that, I’ve lost the earring’.”

Stefani said she prayed about the loss for a while. “I firmly believe that what rightfully belongs to you cannot be taken away from you. I have found many things that belong to me in this manner. Once I am done praying, I let go and that’s when I find the stuff again.”

About four years later, Stefani joined a group of Thursday hikers, and on one of their hikes they stopped at the spot where she had lost the earring.

“We just stopped there for a short break and I mentioned that I had lost the stud, but nobody paid much attention. I was really just scratching around absent-mindedly with my boot… and there it was. It was just there as if I had just dropped it and wasn’t dirty or crusted with mud.

“Hundreds of people must have passed over it. It was really just so amazing that I found it. I was so excited, the group I was with looked at me like I was slightly unhinged. I couldn’t wait to get home to tell my husband.”

Stefani is originally from Germany and her husband is from England. They have been living in Cape Town since 1991.

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