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Flickr: an iconic shot, a tablecloth covers Table Mountain

  • By Lynnette Johns
  • April 21 2013

In this iconic shot taken by Bradclin Photography, a white cloud covers Table Mountain’s plateau. The cloud is a metrological phenomenon, which forms when the south-estearley wind whooshes up the slopes into colder air and the moisture condenses, to form the cloud, mimicking a tablecloth.

Legend, however, has it that Van Hunks, who lived at the base of Devil’s Peak, was forced, by his wife, to smoke outside his house. One day, while out puffing on his pipe he encountered a man who challenged him to a smoking competition.

His competitor turned out to be the Devil. After many hours of the smoking duel, Van Hunks won the competition, but by then all the smoke had formed a cloud which hovered over Table Mountain. Capetonians know that, whenever the tablecloth is laid, it is a reminder of that epic duel.

A long, white cloud covers Table Mountain. <a href=''>Bradclin Photography</a> A long, white cloud covers Table Mountain. Bradclin Photography

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