Video: How do Table Mountain Cableway’s cable cars work?

We found this short, informative video on YouTube: In under two minutes, SmartGuide, which provides travel guides for tourists to South Africa by way of easily accessible audio and audio-visual content, manages to explain the physics behind the operation of Table Mountain Cableway. Don’t worry if science was never a strength – this video puts it in simple terms.

The special cabling used for the Cableway is Swiss-made, high-tech, full-lock coil, designed to keep moisture out while retaining internal lubrication. The two cable cars counterbalance each other – as one goes up, the other comes down – and they cannot operate independently of each other. The cable cars take visitors 704m, from the Lower Cable Station at 363m above sea level, to the Upper Cable Station, at 1067m above sea level.

Video courtesy SmartGuide1

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