Kidz Season – fun for the whole family

Natasha Clark is a Cape Town-based blogger, and mother to two boys, Noah and Benjamin. She writes about life in the Mother City, and being a mom, over at We invited her and her family to come and take advantage of our Kidz Season special, and visit Table Mountain. Here’s what she had to say about the experience:

On Saturday we took our boys for a little trip up Table Mountain – but they weren’t to know where we were headed. It was a surprise!

The Raising Men family Cableway day

We had promised them a treat, and said we were going somewhere VERY special for ice cream. We made them guess all the way in the car about exactly where we would be going. It was really fun and, of course, they couldn’t guess that we were going for ice cream on top of a mountain!

The best part is that the Table Mountain Aerial Cableway has a Kidz Season Special running right now. Two kids ride free with an adult until 31 October this year. You need to purchase these tickets at the ticket office at the Lower Cable Station, and it’s only valid on weekends, public holidays and school holidays – which is the perfect time, really.

More teachings from dad as we explore

There is SO much for the whole family to do atop Table Mountain. The boys loved every single minute! They loved exploring, learning, checking out the views and getting mini-teaching sessions from Dad on the Atlantic and the cardinal directions.

The boys loved learning from dad on Table Mountain

They have great displays on seasons, times, hemispheres and all sorts of geographical information for kids. The boys really loved jumping in the springwater puddles, climbing rocks, looking through the viewfinders – and, of course, the promised ice cream!

Gorgeous rainwater rock pools

The most amazing views atop Table Mountain

There’s a great restaurant at the top of the mountain aptly named the Table Mountain Café. You can view all the info on restaurants and food outlets.

Noah loved the sunset with a view

The food arrived quickly, and the restaurant has beautiful glass windows to the most breathtaking views. Enjoy a lazy lunch, a glass of sparkling wine, some cake and a variety of delicious meals. Graeme and I sipped on cappuccinos while the boys enjoyed a few treats. It was such a beautiful, clear day!

Plant life on Table Mountain

I'm on a mountain

The boys really enjoyed the trip in the Cableway. I remember going up as a little girl with my family, and all the excitement around it. The boys had such stars in their eyes and loved watching everything get smaller and smaller, and seeing our cable car ease it to its parking spot, too. The whole afternoon, and seeing their home city from a completely different and exciting angle, was full of wonderment for them.

Benjamin LOVES Table Mountain

Remember to get your tickets and go as a group with all your kid’s friends. It is so much fun for them, so we’re definitely going back soon for more exploring.

I'm STILL on a mountain

It IS colder at the top than it is at the bottom, so please pack puffer jackets and beanies for the whole family!

Noah found a chair on Table Mountain

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