Local is lekker: Supporting local suppliers at the Cableway

A visit to the Cableway just isn’t complete without picking up a memento or two from our Shop at the Top, Little Shop and Exit Shop. And now you can do this knowing that 86.6% of our nifty goods are locally produced.

Support our local suppliers on your next shopping spree at the top of Table Mountain

During the past financial year, our retail team has been hard at work, striving to support the Cableway’s responsible tourism initiatives by streamlining the amount of imported products that are sold in our outlets, and replacing them with local items sourced from suppliers within Cape Town.

Our friendly green team members are excited to assist you with your local goods purchases at the Cableway’s retail outlets

Some of these innovative resident suppliers include Table Mountain Choc, which produces a tasty version of our New7Wonder of Nature; Emthunzini Hats, which provides some great protection for heads against the cold breeze on top of the mountain; and Naughty Monster Clothing, which makes those adorable kiddies’ T-shirts on display in our stores.

Before you head to the check-out point with your amazing domestic goods, here are some fun Cableway shop facts:

  • Our numbers add up: Of the 1 723 products sold in our stores, 1 492 are home-made, which sets our current local quota at 86.6%. We’ve set our sights higher for the next few months, and hope to reach 90% soon
  • Ticking all the boxes: At the end of 2014, we asked all of our suppliers to sign a local goods declaration and most of them responded, eager to highlight their proudly Capetonian status
  • The bottom line: Through our checks and balances each month, we’ve been pleasantly surprised to find that 83.9% of our profits are from local visitors! Though the price tags for local goods are higher than the imported stuff, you all are still buying them
  • People first: We pride ourselves on doing business with heart as part of our economic responsible tourism drive, and this includes building relationships with our suppliers, most of whom are true Capetonians with amazing stories. One such success story is Synergy Frontiers’ Nilesh and Driti Luchoo, who run their sweet production company from their modest home on the Cape Flats, supporting themselves and feeding their community with their profits

Local is indeed lekker at the Cableway. See you in the aisles soon!

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