Make a stop at the brand new Exit Shop

On your next cable car ride down from the top of Table Mountain, make a stop at our new Exit Shop on level 4. It opened on Friday and stocks a variety of merchandise.

Exit Shop staff await the opening of the shop

Ruschka Jaffer from Cape Town and Willie Borkai from Rhode Island, United States, were the very first customers of the new Exit Shop and got their purchases for free.

“We had just come down in the cable car and I was starving, so I walked into the Exit Shop to find something to eat,” said Ruschka. “Then we were told that it had just opened, and we were the very first customers. I was so surprised when we got our purchases for free!

“I don’t ever win free stuff, so this was really special. Willie and I had decided to conquer our fear of heights that day and visit the top of Table Mountain, so this was a nice reward for that!”

In addition to receiving their purchase for free, Willie and Ruschka also received long-sleeve T-shirts as gifts

Sales and Merchandise Manager Rianda Williams and Exit Shop staff

The big reveal - the temporary structure around the Exit Shop is removed

Willie and Ruschka conquered their fear of heights

Find out more about shopping at Table Mountain here.

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