Meet the other New7Wonders of Nature: Iguazú Falls

The campaign to have Table Mountain voted in as one of the New7Wonders of Nature was a long and grueling one, the culmination of a three-year campaign that drew more than 100 million votes from a variety of countries. A huge number of ambassadors, media partners, and volunteers all got behind the message to encourage people to cast their vote, especially during the last few days of the competition.

But how did the other six do it? Here we profile each one of the six other New7Wonders of Nature, find out a little more about each site, and how they made it into the final selection.

Iguazú Falls (inaugurated May 25, 2012)

Photo courtesy Wikipedia

In the midst of dense jungle, along the border of Brazil and Argentina, lies Iguazú Falls. Thousands of cubic metres of water per second flow over the edge of these thunderous waterfalls, which are 80m high in some places.

But it’s not so much the vertical height that makes these falls impressive – it’s the total perimeter of the falls, with a width of nearly 3km, and the sheer amount of water that comes powering over those edges, that make Iguazú a truly breathtaking place. With that much force, huge clouds of spray are thrown 30m into the air, and are a permanent fixture at the falls…which means rainbows are permanent fixtures too.

“Iguazú” literally means “big water” and you can see why. In fact, this is one of the largest waterfalls in the world. Upon seeing Iguazú, former United States’ First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt reportedly exclaimed “Poor Niagara!”

Photo courtesy Ewan R

But it wasn’t plain sailing for Iguazú Falls to be named as a New7Wonder of Nature. “We have always been happy and proud of our work for Iguazú Falls. It took four years of intense work. The campaign was really hard, it required the best of our creativity and passion and the joint work of Brazilian and Argentinean people,” said Marcelo Almada, co-ordinator of Iguazú Falls’ New7Wonder of Nature campaign.

They are now reaping the rewards with increased visitor numbers and the campaign has even ignited the locals’ curiosity who are increasingly visiting the attraction.

“In different parts of the world tourism [numbers] have been falling; we are constantly growing,” said Almada.

Just as Table Mountain Cableway Managing Director Sabine Lehmann was excited to represent Africa at the Iguazú Falls inauguration, Almada is looking forward to making his way to Cape Town this week for Table Mountain’s official inauguration as a New7Wonder of Nature.

“We are all excited to visit this wonder that had an exceptional and creative campaign,” said Almada before praising the choice of Archbishop Emeritus Desmond Tutu as one of the ambassadors. “Luckily, we had [Lionel] Messi to match that!” said Almada.

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