Meet the other New7Wonders of Nature: the Amazon

The campaign to have Table Mountain voted in as one of the New7Wonders of Nature was a long and grueling one, the culmination of a three-year campaign that drew more than 100 million votes from a variety of countries. A huge number of ambassadors, media partners, and volunteers all got behind the message to encourage people to cast their vote, especially during the last few days of the competition.

But how did the other six do it? Here we profile each one of the six other New7Wonders of Nature, find out a little more about each site, and how they made it into the final selection.

The Amazon River (inaugurated August 14 2012)

Picture courtesy Celine Massa

The largest and most species-rich tropical rainforest in the world is also in the same neighbourhood as the one of the world’s largest rivers. The Amazon collectively picked up the title of New7Wonder of Nature for its expansive jungle rainforest, covering about seven million square kilometres, and its river, approximately 6,400km long.

The place is truly a wonder of nature. Every hectare contains 1 500 plant species, 750 tree species, and 900 tons of living plants. It is home to hundreds of lizard and mammal species, and 30 million insect species!

Approximately 20% of Earth’s oxygen is derived from the Amazon rainforest alone. It’s basically a giant lung for the planet and covers half of Brazil and two fifths of the entire South American continent.

Despite its impressive size, the Amazon has a very delicate ecosystem – plants and animals have evolved in such a way they are essential to each other for survival, and to maintain the rainforest’s natural balance. This is one reason why deforestation is a serious problem. Hundreds of thousands of square kilometres of rainforest have already been destroyed, and many more are under threat.

The stature of being recognised as a New7Wonder of Nature will hopefully contribute to awareness efforts to preserve this rainforest and promote eco-friendly tourism in the area.

The mighty Amazon River produces around 20% of all the water that the world’s rivers pour into the oceans. It is one of the longest rivers in the world and contains more water than the next seven biggest rivers combined! At its narrowest, the Amazon can still be more than 1km in width, and at its widest, 48 km. The river alone is home to more than 2 000 species of fish.

Photo courtesy EttaRM2

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