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The cableway is due for its annual maintenance check in July

  • By Lynnette Johns
  • January 16 2013

The Cableway will close for five weeks, from July 22 to August 25, for major maintenance in accordance with the regulations of the Swiss Governing Body for Cableways.

When it reopens at the end of August, both Rotair cabins will have been overhauled, and their direct current (DC) drive will have been replaced with alternating current (AC).

The Cableway traditionally shuts down for a few weeks during the winter period for maintenace to be done, and this year there is a wide range of work which is scheduled.

Table Mountain Cableway’s technical manager, Andries de Vries, says: “In recent years, all new cableways are supplied with an AC drive. There has been a steady worldwide migration of cableways with DC drives to change to AC drives. Although not required, we wish to keep abreast of international standards, and have made a decision to also move to an AC drive.”
The Cableway will reopen for business on Monday, August 26, weather permitting.

Part of the machinery that makes the Cableway run. Photo courtesy <a href=''>Mikkelz</a> Part of the machinery that makes the Cableway run. Photo courtesy Mikkelz

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