Video: Iguazú‘s New7Wonder extravaganza

The Iguazú Falls are a phenomenal wonder of nature, with raging waterfalls cascading down the Brazilian and Argentinian mountains. On May 27, 2012 the people of Brazil and Argentina celebrated the falls’ inauguration as an official New7Wonder of Nature.

Thousands attended the cross-border festivities, which kicked off in Brazil and continued in Argentina the following day.

Music was key to both celebrations, with live bands taking centre stage in celebration of the event. Fireworks lit up the black sky as a specially cast commemorative bronze plaque honouring the achievement was unveiled in Foz do Iguaçu in Brazil’s state of Paraná.

Crossing the border into Puerto Iguazú, in Misiones, Argentina, attendees were treated to music from The Mission soundtrack, played by an orchestra of 700 children from across Latin America, China and South Korea, and conducted by two-time Academy Award winner Gustavo Santaolalla.

Photo © New7Wonders Foundation

In a few short months it will be our turn to show the world how proud we are of Table Mountain being named a New7Wonder of Nature. We can’t wait!

Below is a video showing highlights of the Iguazú Falls inauguration ceremony – what a visual and aural feast!

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