Vote for Table Mountain Thursday! Make your mark today

Vote for Table Mountain Thursday! Make your mark today

It’s Vote for Table Mountain Thursday, and you know what that means! Grab that cellphone and vote by sending the word “Table” to 34874. Then, head online to and vote online, too! The more you vote today, the better.

Why should you vote for the most beautiful attraction in Cape Town?

Photo courtesy thomasrileyphotography

Here are seven good reasons …

  1. Because she is perfectly beautiful.
  2. Because she is unbelievably flat!
  3. Because she is the only mountain to have a constellation named after it.
  4. Because within the Table Mountain National Park lies the richest single floristic area on the entire planet.
  5. Because she is pretty old … Table Mountain is approximately 260-million years old. By comparison, the Andes are about 250-million years old, the Rockies are about 60-million, the Himalayas are 40-million and the Alps are 32-million years old.
  6. Because local celebrities Corné and Twakkie, Stuart Taylor, Soli Philander and Kia Johnson have pledged their starry support.
  7. Because we can’t imagine life without her!
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