100 000th Class in the Clouds Learner

The Class in the Clouds promotion is an exciting and innovative school outing initiated to promote learning beyond the classroom.

It was introduced in 2001 by Peninsula Beverages and Table Mountain Aerial Cableway Company to enable learners to learn the educational value of Table Mountain by making it accessible to all South African learners.

“Every year we have over 20 000 learners from all over South Africa visiting Table Mountain as part of Class in the Clouds. It is inspiring to watch this promotion as it continues to grow and educate future generations about the environment and the valuable heritage of their land” says Sabine Lehmann, Table Mountain Aerial Cableway Group General Manager.
Feedback from Yes Programme 2005

“Wow, we are in a cloud”

This statement was made at altitude 1 000 m above sea level on a bitterly cold June morning. It came at the end of a cable car ride up Table Mountain which afforded no views other than the trepidation on the faces of a group of learners from a special needs school on the Cape Flats followed by a walk-and-talk on the icy summit. The teacher assistant shortened the usual programme on account of the weather. He stopped at a few places of interest where he told the group bits of information and asked questions to see if they were taking things in. The children’s thin school shirts and nylon track suits were soon wet to the skin. The wind was fierce. Then teachers and the teacher assistant were shivering too, and we returned to the cable car. It was as we were waiting for the car that something made the teacher assistant say to the learners huddling nearest to him, that they were in a cloud. Immediately they repeated this fact which clearly amazed and impressed, to those who hadn’t heard. It was the “wow” moment of the trip. I just knew that they would relive and repeat it later…“Guess what, I was right in a cloud”

Comment received from Percy Mdala High School on 7 October 2005

“Thank you for the opportunity of exposing our learners to the wonderful wonders of nature, Table Mountain, one of South Africa’s Heritage sites. I must say the “Class in the Clouds” is a brilliant project for imparting both historical and geographical knowledge to our youth, the leaders of tomorrow. This was a wonderful unforgettable experience.”

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