200kg of waste cleared from Table Mountain

200kg of waste cleared from Table Mountain

image Volunteers are briefed before the start of the clean-up

More than 200kg of waste was cleared from the ledges beneath Table Mountain Cableway’s Upper Cable Station on Wednesday, March 21 with the assistance of 60 expert climbers and hikers. The massive clean-up operation, organised by Table Mountain Cableway, was supported by volunteer hikers and climbers from the Mountain Club of SA and the University of Cape Town’s mountain and ski club outreach programme, Siyenyuka.

image Checking the gear

The ledges are inaccessible to the Cableway’s cleaning staff so expert volunteer climbers used their abseiling skills to reach the areas polluted by visitors to the mountain.

image Abseiling to the ledges that are hard to reach

The volunteers collected waste and litter that weighed 200kg and filled six large industrial bins. Plastic bottles accounted for most of the waste collected, but other items such as hats, shoes, umbrellas and litter also added to what was removed from the mountain.

image Taking a break ...

Table Mountain Cableway’s Environmental Officer Marie Abraham said: “The mountain clean-up was a huge success thanks to the hard work done by the volunteers. We hope to make this an annual event in order to keep our beautiful mountain pollution-free.”

image ... And back to cleaning

Table Mountain Cableway will be donating R5 000 to Siyenyuka for assisting them with the clean up. The Siyenyuka programme takes groups of learners from schools in the Khayelitsha and Phillpi areas on hiking, climbing and exploring trips on the mountain.

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