#AsktheCableway: Does load shedding affect the Cableway?

#AsktheCableway: Does load shedding affect the Cableway?


Everything you need to know about how load shedding affects the cable cars' operations. Image credit: Gary Hirson

Today in our #AsktheCableway blog series, we answer your question: “How does load shedding affect the Cableway?”

When load shedding occurs, we switch the operations of our cable cars from the electricity grid to our hydraulic backup drive.  The cable cars will thus be operational, just at a slower pace.

That is still good news though because you will have more time to enjoy the full 360-degree views of Cape Town and the surrounds.

Our food and beverage and retail facilities are operational during load shedding as both the Lower and Top Stations run on generators.

We look forward to welcoming you to the Cableway – remember to purchase your tickets online and check on our operational status and weather updates via our homepage, our weather line at +27(0)21 424 8181 or our Twitter and Facebook pages.

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