#AsktheCableway: how do I collect the tickets I bought online?

#AsktheCableway: how do I collect the tickets I bought online?


This week, we explain the different ways you can access the Cableway tickets you bought online.

In this week’s instalment of our helpful #AsktheCableway series, we answer a very important question: how do I collect my online tickets?

There are a few ways to access your tickets:

  • Collect them at Pick n Pay: after booking and completing your ticket purchase online through Webtickets, select the “Pay at Pick n Pay” option. You can then go to the Webtickets kiosk at your nearest Pick n Pay store, where you can pay for the tickets and the cashier will print out the tickets for you
  • Save your tickets to your phone: Select the “print at home” option after completing your ticket purchase on Webtickets for the tickets to be emailed to you. You can then download them as a PDF document on your phone, which can be scanned by our gate operator
  • Print your tickets at home or the office: Select the “print now” option and print out the tickets to show our gate operator on arrival at the Cableway

It’s that easy!

We look forward to seeing you soon.

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