#AsktheCableway: What are you doing to manage the water crisis?

#AsktheCableway: What are you doing to manage the water crisis?

The current water crisis in Cape Town, and what companies like the Table Mountain Cableway, are doing to save water ahead of Day Zero is at the top of everyone’s minds.

This week, in our ongoing #AsktheCableway blog series, we answer your question “what are you, the Cableway, doing to manage the water crisis?”

Our answer is two-fold; what we are currently doing to save water and what we will be doing for Day Zero.

The Cableway is currently saving water by:

  • Being proudly waterless since 2012: Our continuous water management system has included the installation of recycling toilets (which use less water), waterless urinals, low flow sensor operated taps, waterless mops, and spray-on cleaning chemicals are used to clean front of house areas. We also use melted ice from ice-buckets used during the day to wash the floors in the Table Mountain Café, as well as compostable cups, lids and cutlery at our eateries to reduce washing. Our Café kitchen uses a hot element instead of a bain-marie to heat food and more.

           For more detail, we break down our current water saving initiatives in the video below:

  • Taps switched off: The hand basin taps have been switched off in our visitor and staff restrooms at the Lower Station and we now offer waterless hand sanitizers. Additionally, unnecessary taps have been either removed or locked to discourage use and wastage.
  • Misting system free: In the current peak season, we have not been providing our usual misting system in the queues.

Looking towards the future and Day Zero:

  • Alternative water sources are being investigated and only non-potable water will be used for toilet flushing, and possibly floor washing (where possible).
  • Holding tanks for rainwater storage will be installed.
  • Portable loos, which use recycled water will be installed at the Lower Station.

Did you know?

Meters have been installed to monitor our water usage. This has seen us reduce our water consumption by nearly 32 cable cars full. In the past year, we reduced water usage by 9% per visitor.

Together we can make a difference. We thank you, our visitors, for working with us to #SaveWater.


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