#AsktheCableway : What time do you open?

#AsktheCableway : What time do you open?


What time does the Cableway open?

It's a question we get all of the time on social media: "Table Mountain Cableway, what time do you open?"

Here's the really simple answer: on most days, depending on the time of year, we open at either 8 am or 8h30am. Visit our rates page to check the opening times.

That means you can get all of our operational info via our homepage, by calling our weather line at +(0)21 424 8181 or by sending an email to info@tablemountain.net. Weather and operational updates will also be posted to our Facebook and Twitter pages at 8 am.

Please remember that our operations are weather dependent so even though we are scheduled to open daily at a certain time, we may not be open if there are strong winds.

For more info on how this affects your online Cableway ticket and its use, click here.

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