Cableway celebrates busiest December ever

Cableway celebrates busiest December ever


The Table Mountain Cableway is celebrating a record number of visitors for December 2015

Sunshine, clear skies and hardly a breeze to be felt saw holidaymakers from all over the country flock to Table Mountain, leading to the Table Mountain Cableway's best December yet!

December 2015 has seen the Cableway welcome a confirmed record number of visitors, with a whopping 32% increase in visitors from 113 000 in December 2014 to 149 000 in December 2015. This exceeds the initial estimated 28% increase reported earlier this month.

“This month’s incredible weather has also contributed to the Cableway being operational 92% of the time – a new record in terms of operational times in December indeed,” says Collette van Aswegen, the Cableway’s marketing manager.

In addition to record visitor numbers, the Cableway is also celebrating the following achievements:

Retail is king

Thousands of visitors enjoyed a shopping experience in the clouds at the Shop at the Top or the Exit Shop at the Cableway this December.

Amidst the 68 105 items sold this month, our stores report that 3 731 sweets, 2 857 T-shirts and 1 422 jackets were purchased. The top seller for the month was the Wild Thing Christmas gift tag.

Food in numbers

There was no beating our tasty meals at the Table Mountain Café and we moved 6.5 tons of food and ingredients up the mountain over this busy period.

While the buffet option was the most popular meal, we sold 8 686 pizza slices and 5 700 sandwiches, and provided 26 798 litres of water to thirsty visitors. We also kept everyone cool with 5 000 litres of soft drinks and beer, and 8 700 soft-serve ice creams.

Keeping waste management in check

As a pioneer of responsible tourism and receiver of a Diamond classification by the Heritage Environmental Rating Programme in 2015, our waste-management systems are of the highest standard.

From 1 January 2015 to 8 January this year, we recycled just over 87 000kg of waste and sent 61 680kg of waste to the landfill.

Our range of water-saving measures ensures that the volume of fresh water used per visitor is reduced every year. Usage has dropped from 5.51 litres in 2014 to 5.25 litres in 2015, which amounts to more than a quarter of a litre less per person.

Our energy consumption continues to decrease year-on-year. In 2015, we saw an average usage of 0.96kWh per visitor, while an average of 1.11kWh per visitor was recorded the year before. 

Read more about our responsible tourism initiatives here.

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