Cableway recruitment: bigger and better

Cableway recruitment: bigger and better


Thank you to all those who took the time to apply to work at the Cableway this summer. (Image: Table Mountain Aerial Cableway)

Our annual recruitment campaign proved bigger and better this year – with more than 1 700 applicants looking to work at the Cableway.

Every year we hire seasonal staff, across several departments, to lend a hand during the summer months – our busiest period.


Our introductory videos provided wonderful insight, for new recruits, into each department. (Image: Table Mountain Aerial Cableway)

In 2015, we took on a digital approach – a first for the mountain. Potential recruits were required to fill out an online application form and attach a video recording of themselves. This year we fine-tuned the process, and recruits could either apply online or attend our one-day only Recruitment Expo at Kenilworth Centre.  

From mid-July to 30 September 2016 we received 868 online applications – and this time around, applicants had to fill out a form and attach a photo of themselves (a simpler requirement than the video). At the expo we processed 857 recruits.


Hurry! Join us at Kenilworth Centre today for our recruitment expo - we're closing at 4pm. #wellworthit

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The Cableway’s human resource manager, Tasneem Rajie explains, “The tweaks to our recruitment process have definitely paid off, in that our aim was to attract a bigger pool of applicants and we have certainly been successful in this regard. Given that we build on our recruitment drive each year, we will continue to examine … whether the process can be streamlined even further.”

Good luck to our seasonal staff – it’s going to be a fun-filled few months at the Cableway!

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