Cableway's funniest 2019 questions!

Cableway’s funniest 2019 questions!

It's our favourite blog post of the year - a round-up of some of the downright funniest and silliest questions we've received all year! 


Laugh out loud with us at the funniest questions we've received this year! 

Laugh out loud with us at 2019's ones:

  1. Like, what happened in Cape Town?
  2. Your ad says this special is for locals with valid South African IDs only. Can internationals also use it?
  3. Hi.How do I book online tickets online?
  4. Your special says it ends on 31 October. Can I use it in December?
  5. I see a ticket is 90rand... is it for up and down? can you please explain to me a little bit more?
  6. I see on your website that the cable car is suspended. Does that mean it's still moving?
  7. Can I have your direction please?
  8. I need a place tomorrow. Can you help?
  9. Is now a good time for the mountain?
  10. When is the wind going to stop blowing?
  11. Can we braai on top of the mountain?
  12. If I buy a return ticket,  how do I get back down again?
  13. What is the weather going to be like next weekend?
  14. Is there a cable car from the mountain to Robben Island?
  15. Can we take the cable car to the waterfront?
  16. Does the bus take you to the top of the mountain?
  17. Where is the golf course on top of the mountain?
  18. Do table mountain tickets ever get sold out?
  19. My birthday was last week,i was busy couldnt come enjoy free i will be still able to entry free this week?
  20. Hi, we know we are coming to visit a natural attraction but please advise if the Cafe has a TV on which my boyfriend can watch the rugby match while we are up there?
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