Cableway’s silliest 2017 questions

Cableway’s silliest 2017 questions


We share the silliest questions we've received this year!

Our Cableway reception and social media teams are inundated with questions daily and some of them are just downright silly!

Have a chuckle with these funnies:

  1. How far is it from Pretoria to Table Mountain?
  2. In which province is Table Mountain?
  3. Is there a play park for children on the mountain?
  4. For the Kidz Season Special where one adult who pays full price and can take 2 children up in the cable car for free – can the children come down with the adult or do you have to purchase extra tickets for them?
  5. What does a return ticket mean?
  6. Can I book tickets for Hartebeespoort Dam?
  7. Can I go to Robben Island with the Hip Hop Bus?
  8. I took the 107 Camps Bay bus. I’m here by Camps Bay – who is going to fetch me? I’ve booked a bus.
  9. My parrot wants to go up in the cable car. He is very tame and sits on my shoulder. Is this allowed?
  10.  If we go up in the cable car and the wind becomes to strong and you have to close, do you leave the visitors up there and how do they get down from the mountain?
  11. Is there a bus that will take me to the top of the mountain?
  12.  What does ‘intermittent’ mean?
  13. Do you have a shuttle that will fetch me from the station/airport/V&A Waterfront?
  14.  At what time does the cable car leave from the V&A Waterfront?
  15. Where does the red cable car sleep at night?
  16.  Can I drive my car from the Lower Cable Station to the Upper Cable Station?
  17.  Table Mountain, what is the meaning of life?
  18. How much to climb the mountain with cableway?
  19.  How to I type the at sign to email you at
  20. Why isn’t your email address
  21. My daughter is 3 and goes up for free. Was I meant to somehow book for her even though she doesn’t pay?
  22.  I want tickets for free- how can I get them?
  23. The voucher you guys advertised in the plainsman... can a person actually use it?
  24. When you write "visibility zero”, does it mean that from the top you cannot see anything down?
  25. How much to climb on top of the mountain? For hiking?
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