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#CablewayTeam: Candice Steyn – our financial accountant – completes her studies!


Our Cableway Financial Accountant Candice Steyn chats to us about completing her studies.

The Cableway is committed to the development of our Green Team members. We do this through sponsoring their further education and helping them reach their full potential via our Siyafundisa Academy of Learning.

Today, we catch up with Candice Steyn, our financial accountant, who recently completed her seven-year degree through our programme:

Candice, the last time we chatted to you in 2016, you’d just been promoted to Financial Accountant at the Cableway… what’s changed in the past two years?

The past two years have been good, with a few challenges in certain aspects in my role, but nothing I can’t handle. I have been exposed to more in-depth financial processes. I enjoy a challenge and can confidently say that I've gained leadership and financial reporting experience.

You’ve recently completed your B Comm Degree, specialising in Financial Management. Please tell us more about it – how long did it take to complete and what did you enjoy most?

I started my degree in 2011 and completed it in August 2018. During those 7 years, I was faced with a few personal life challenges. My son was one-year-and-four-months old when I started my degree. It was difficult at the time; having to make time for a baby, family and work. In 2013, my daughter was born and I decided to take a break for one year from my studies. There were times when I wanted to give up on my studies, but I kept reminding myself of my goal and the great achievement in the end. First and second year modules were a breeze, but closer to the end of second and third-year modules, the work load started to increase. I guess that’s when I started to feel the brunt of it. I enjoyed meeting new students, and the motivation from lecturers kept me going. In the end hard work, self-discipline and dedication paid off.

You completed your studies through the Cableway’s bursary programme. Would you recommended this to other Green Team members thinking about doing the same?

I would like to encourage staff to take advantage of the bursary opportunity that is available. You are just enriching and empowering yourself through education. I also believe women need to be independent and this is one of the tools to help you reach your dream.

How are you hoping to apply your new credentials to your position at the Cableway?

 I would like to see myself prosper further within TMACC.

Summer has arrived. What are your top 3 tips for visitors to make the most of their Cableway experience?

  •  Stay hydrated by drinking lots of water.
  •  Wear your sun hat and sunscreen.
  • Travel in groups.
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