#CablewayTeam: Gary Wright celebrates 30 years of service!

#CablewayTeam: Gary Wright celebrates 30 years of service!


The Cableway’s technical executive Emile Streicher congratulates our mechanical fitter Gary Wright on his 30-year anniversary with the company. Image: Collette van Aswegen

October was an awesome month for the Cableway. Not only did we celebrate our 90th anniversary, but we also honoured Gary Wright, our mechanical fitter, for his 30 years of dedicated service to the company.

We chatted to Gary about his passion for the Cableway and his amazing achievement:

You’re being recognised for long service at the Cableway. What is the one thing that has kept you with the company for so long?

The thing that keeps me coming back every day is having the opportunity to work in such a beautiful environment and to interact with the amazing people I work with.

What was your first day at the Cableway like?

I remember being incredibly nervous and excited to work at such a popular tourist attraction.

What are the most significant historical events at the Cableway that you have been a part of?

For me, the most significant historical event was the New7Wonders of Nature campaign and its inauguration.

What is the funniest thing to have happened to you while working here?

It was before the 1997 Cableway upgrade and I was carrying a tray with coffee and sandwiches from the top station café to the main building for the managers. On my way there, I tripped and everything went flying! Most of the coffee fell on me and, as it was a busy day, everyone just froze and stared at me. At that time it didn’t seem like a joke, but looking back it was funny how that tray went straight up in the air!

How has your perception of the Cableway changed over the years?

Safety has always been top priority and always will be. I think since the installation of the new rotair cable cars in 1997, all team members continue to find ways to make the Cableway trip the best possible experience for our visitors. That’s what makes us unique.

What was your first position at the Cableway, and how did the skills you learnt in that job help you progress to your current role?

I started as a cabin master, which in those days was called a “conductor”. My duties included platform work and driving the cabins. With the upgrade, there was a lot of mechanical work to be done, so I applied for a maintenance position on the mechanical side and gained so much experience.

What is your favourite thing to do or see at the Cableway?

During my break times, it’s nice to just take a walk at the top to clear my mind.

Any advice for visitors coming for their first Cableway experience during the upcoming festive season?

Come early to avoid the peak season rush!

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