Celebrate Earth Hour on Saturday!

Celebrate Earth Hour on Saturday!


Celebrate Earth Hour on Saturday 30 March 2019 from 8h30pm to 9h30pm

We know there is no load shedding scheduled for this week but how about you put your lights off all the same and help the WWF celebrate Earth Hour from 8h30pm to 9h30pm on Saturday 30 March 2019?

This global initiative, which started in Sydney in 2007 as a symbolic lights-out event, has grown to inspire millions of people worldwide and raise awareness about climate change.

This year's event features a #Connect2Earth theme which aims to enlighten people of the important role nature plays in our lives, and the benefits it provides to us; from good food, to clean air, and so much more!

Join millions around the world by turning off your lights and enjoying the gifts nature gives to us. Find out more about Earth Hour by visiting www.earthhour.org.

Please note: As the last cable down is at 8pm, our main Cableway facility's lights will be off during Earth Hour.

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