Dr. Doo Little's Doo Good Biscuits

Celebrating the Cableway’s local supplier Dr. Doo Little’s Doo Good Biscuits


Dr. Doo Little's Doo Good Biscuits are a popular treat with Table Mountain Cafe's patrons!

We continue to profile our local Cableway suppliers with the impressive Errol Goodman, specialist biscuit designer and producer of Dr. Doo Little's Doo Good Biscuits.

Errol’s artistic and tasty creations are a popular sweet treat with our Table Mountain Café patrons.

We chatted to Errol recently about his relationship with the Cableway:

Please tell us about the products you supply to the Cableway?

Errol: We supply one product to the cableway. This is a hand crafted novelty biscuit, which appeals to both children and adults alike.

The biscuit itself is a sugar based recipe, and comes in a variety of different silhouettes. These biscuits are individually hand iced by both my wife and I. This product goes through a number of applications during its journey to completion.

How did your partnership with the Cableway come about?

Errol: Our partnership with the Cableway came about because of one of your buyers who first saw our product at a local school market, and approached us to please come and see her at the Cableway‘s offices. We did just that and have never looked back.

The Cableway was our first customer in November 2009.

What is your most popular Cableway product and why do you think it sells so well?

Errol: This is difficult to say, but I can tell you that the Table Mountain biscuit is unique. I designed this cutter myself and it is in fact a one off.

How has your partnership with the Cableway benefitted your business over the past year?

Errol: Being associated with the company has enhanced our growth, in addition to the Cableway being a reference to new customers.

Please tell us about your first visit to our site? How old were you and what stood out about the experience?

Errol: My first experience visiting Table Mountain was when I was about 15 years old. What impressed me most of all was the actual cable car itself. Riding on it was a real treat.

What do you love most about Table Mountain?

Errol: What I love most of all about Table Mountain is the tranquility and peacefulness at the top. The views themselves are truly something to behold.

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