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Celebrating the Cableway’s local supplier Naughty Monster


Brad Newton, owner of Naughty Monster, is proud to be a Cableway supplier

The Cableway is committed to working with and supporting local small businesses. Naughty Monster, run by Brad Newton, is one of our valued suppliers.

We chatted to Brad recently about his relationship with the Cableway:

Please tell us about the products you supply to the Cableway?

Brad: We supply a diverse range of clothing lines such as kiddies baby grows, hats, caps, bibs, Paint your own T-Shirts, leggings and hoodies. However, Table Mountain T-shirts make up the majority. They're available for one year olds right trhough to adults, and feature our classic Table Mountain designs screen print. We first started several years ago with a small range of kiddies tees and gradually progressed to designing exclusive designs for TMACC. Every year before peak season, we revise our range and make changes when necessary.

How did your partnership with the Cableway come about?

Brad: It's not easy to get into the shop at the top, and I knew back when I started my company in 2009 that getting our product into the Table Mountain shop was a must. I remember the first time we presented our kiddies t-shirt range; it was rejected which, at first, was huge blow to us. It, however, made me want to get in even more. Through persistence we managed to get a small range into the Shop at the Top, and our product started to sell really well. We still have the same range in the shop in 2017 and it continues to sell well.

What is your most popular Cableway product and why do you think it sells so well?

Brad: Probably the designs specific to Table Mountain; they outsell the rest of our range. What we try to do is create designs that are suitable for all nationalities and their tastes plus all the locals who come to visit the mountain. The colours that we use are always being updated to keep up with trends that are happening around the world. In general, if something is slow moving we give it a makeover or axe it as I want everything to sell fast. We have some cool new designs that are now in the shops for the upcoming season, so I am excited to see how they do.

How has your partnership with the Cableway benefited your business over the past year?

Brad: To be honest without the Cableway, my business would be nowhere near where it is today. It has allowed us to grow and given us the opportunity to come up with new ranges, ideas, and really expand.

 We have had to employ more staff just to keep up with the demand, so thanks to TMACC it has created several jobs. The Cableway policy about helping and supporting small local businesses is amazing.

 Whenever I have needed help or advice, the Cableway team has always been there for me.  Never forget Local is Lekker.

Please tell us about your first visit to our site? How old were you and what stood out about the experience?

Brad: I was nine years old, on holiday to the Cape with my Dad. I'll never forget he bought me a BMX bike, which I fell off of really badly the day before we visited the mountain. All of the photos I have are me covered in bandages with a broken arm. I think I was in too much pain to remember the experience.

 I make a point of taking my kids up every year; we are blessed having a New 7 Wonder of Nature on our doorstep.

What do you love most about Table Mountain?

Brad: Every day when I drive to work it's there in front of me. It reminds me of how privileged we are to be living in this awesome city. We become complacent and seem to forget how lucky we are living in Cape Town.The mountain is there as a constant reminder for us.

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