Facts about Table Mountain ahead of International Mountain Day

Facts about Table Mountain ahead of International Mountain Day


We're celebrating Table Mountain this International Mountain Day! (Image: Table Mountain Aerial Cableway)

To celebrate International Mountain Day on Sunday 11 December, the Table Mountain Aerial Cableway has put together some fun facts about South Africa’s 1 085m-high New7Wonder of Nature:

  • Along with Mount Everest (Nepal), the Matterhorn (Swiss Alps) and Kilimanjaro (Tanzania), Table Mountain is one of the most globally recognised mountains
  • Table Mountain is approximately 260-million years old
  • Reduced by massive erosion, Table Mountain and Lion's Head once connected the Peninsula to the Hottentots Holland Mountains, and are the last remaining remnants of a massive range that stood thousands of metres high 220-million to 280-million years ago
  • Table Mountain is referred to as “Hoerikwaggo” – meaning “mountain of the sea” – by the Khoikhoi
  • Table Mountain is the only mountain in the world to have a constellation of stars (“Mensa”) named after it
  • Table Mountain features several rare sandstone cave systems, the largest of which are the Wynberg Caves
  • Table Mountain’s unofficial mascot is the dassie (rock hyrax), found on rocky outcrops at the summit
  • There are 22 species of snakes on Table Mountain – the five most venomous are the Cape cobra, puff adder, boomslang, rinkhals and berg adder

There’s no need to dress to impress with these facts at hand. Start a conversation, share a little knowledge and enjoy the Mother City’s famous giant.

The Cableway operates weather permitting. For weather updates and operational statuses, please call +27 (0)21 424 8181, visit our home page, or follow us on Facebook and Twitter.

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