Gearing up for annual maintenance

Gearing up for annual maintenance

Our annual maintenance shutdown period starts on July 22, and our team is already hard at work in preparation for these five weeks. Last week a ship delivered two containers at the Cape Town harbour, filled with equipment and tools we will be using.

The MSC Joanna docked at Cape Town Harbour on Friday, June 5, two 12m-long containers on board, loaded with spares and equipment which will be used for the six-yearly carriage overhaul, as required by the Swiss BAV regulations governing cableways.

Table Mountain Cableway’s technical manager, Andries de Vries, says the equipment will be transported up the mountain using winches and dedicated equipment.

The Cableway will close for five weeks, from July 22 to August 25, for major maintenance in accordance with the regulations (of the Swiss Governing Body for Cableways).

When it reopens at the end of August, both Rotair cabins will have been overhauled, and their direct current (DC) drive will have been replaced with alternating current (AC).

The Cableway traditionally shuts down for a few weeks during the winter period for maintenace to be done, and this year there is a wide range of work which is scheduled.

The Cableway will reopen for business on Monday, August 26, weather permitting.

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