Our easy guide to booking the #Cableway90 special online

Our easy guide to booking the #Cableway90 special online

Struggling to book our not-to-be-missed #Cableway90 special online and you simply MUST have it right now? We totally get your frustration, Cableway friends. So, today we’re showing you a super easy-to-use step-by-step guide to booking those R90 tickets!

Ready? Here we go:

Step 1:

Visit www.tablemountain.net and click on the Buy Tickets button:


Step 2:

Click on the underlined “buy your tickets online” text in yellow, which will redirect you to the Webtickets landing page.


Step 3:

Select the date you want to visit from the calendar and click on it. (Please remember the R90 special is only available until 31 October 2019.)


Step 4:

Login, or register for your Webtickets account.


Step 5:

You will now land on the ticket-buying page. Scroll down to the O* Cableways 90th Anniversary – Adult or O* Cableways 90th Anniversary – Child options, and select the next number of tickets you’d like. Click next.


Step 6:

Enter the ticketholder’s details and valid South African ID number. Remember that each ticket requires an individual ID number – you can’t use the same ID number to buy more than one ticket.


Step 7:

Click “next” and you will land on the checkout tab. Double-check all your details and make your payment via credit card or EFT. 

Step 8:

Print your tickets at home or save them onto your phone and we’ll scan them at our gates when you’re at the Cableway. You will join the online ticketholders’ queue on arrival.

We look forward to welcoming you soon!

Please note: the Cableway’s operations are weather dependent. Please check our operational status and the weather forecast by visiting our homepage, calling our weather line at +27(0)21 424 8181 or following us on Facebook and Twitter.

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