Iguazu Falls New7Wonders status confirmed

Iguazu Falls New7Wonders status confirmed

One by one, each of the provisional New7Wonders of Nature is being confirmed. We can’t wait to celebrate Table Mountain’s New7Wonders status, as it makes its way into the history books and becomes one of the most celebrated natural icons in the world.


Iguazu Falls, located on the border of Argentina and Brazil, has joined the ranks of the Puerto Princesa underground river and Jeju Island as one of the official New7Wonders of Nature.

A final tally of votes is underway to verify the New7Wonders status of each candidate. Once a Wonder has had its status confirmed, an official inauguration event will take place in the candidate country.

As we wait in anticipation for Table Mountain’s turn in the spotlight, we must remember the incredible journey to this point, as well as the impact this achievement has had on the Cableway. This is an exciting time for Table Mountain, and for all the people who showed their support and voted for it.

Here’s to our beautiful mountain.

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