Instagram Fridays: New 7 Wonder yellow frame follower photos

Instagram Fridays: New 7 Wonder yellow frame follower photos

It's been nearly a month since our sixth New 7 Wonders of Nature anniversary, and our Instagram followers have been flooding our feed with photos of our yellow legacy frames!

Here are five of our favourites:


Table Mountain View #TableMountain #mountain #CapeTown #frame #travel #Africa #dress #africandress

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Back to chilly Glasgow ❄️❄️ This was the experience of a lifetime - saw so many old faces and old places - I didn’t know it was possible to love so many people SO very much South Africa will always be home - as a white South African in Europe you’re constantly met with “but how can you be African if you’re white” (facepalm) I feel like this trip helped me consolidate a lot of my identity and reminded me, with absolute conviction, that I am African despite any stereotypes, and she is in my bones Sad to leave her behind but I also feel so strongly that I wouldn’t want to be anywhere other than Glasgow right now, surrounded by the amazing people (puppies) and opportunities I am afforded in my city #tablemountain #southafrica #holiday #capetown #traveldiary #africa #sorryfortherant

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