Join #tabletoptuesday at the Table Mountain

Join #tabletoptuesday at the Table Mountain


Every Tuesday morning #tabletoptuesday takes place. Photo courtesy of Dave Duante.

In April we opened a brand new Wi-Fi Lounge at the Upper Cable Station, with the idea that visitors can use this space to share pictures and connect with friends and family.

We blogged about our new space and shared pictures on social media, and we were so excited when media and marketing expert @DaveDuarte started hosting #tabletoptuesday at our Wi-Fi Lounge.

“The idea with #tabletoptuesday is to meet every Tuesday morning for co-working in the Wi-Fi Lounge on Table Mountain. Anyone is welcome. There's no formality, no talks, just a bunch of people who are looking for an inspiring place to be.

“My thinking is that anyone who's up for working on Table Mountain on a Tuesday morning must be interesting,” says Duarte.

You only have to be interesting to join. Photo courtesy of Dave Duante.

The  Wi-Fi Lounge has plugs and USB points for recharging devices, with seating options ranging from cork stools at high tables to chairs and even comfy sofas. The Wi-Fi Lounge opens its doors as the first cable car arrives at the top at 8.30am, and closes with the last car’s departure. You can also buy snacks and coffee at the Wi-Fi Lounge.

If the Cableway is closed because of the weather, #tabletoptuesday takes place at the Kirstenbosch National Botanical Gardens, one of the Big 7 visitor attractions in Cape Town (along with the Cableway).


Office with a view. Photo courtesy of Dave Duante.


If you have any questions contact @DaveDuarte directly.

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