Load-shedding at Table Mountain: what you need to know

Load-shedding at Table Mountain: what you need to know

You’re enjoying the amazing views at the top of Table Mountain or waiting in line to board a cable car, taking in the experience, when suddenly the electricity switches off.

Annoying? Yes. The end of your scenic adventures? No! 


The lights may go out during load-shedding but the fun continues at the Cableway

Load-shedding has been having an impact on tourist attractions nationwide and while we cannot prevent it from happening, we can help you understand how it affects our operations.

Here’s what you need to know about load-shedding at the Cableway:

  • We have backup systems: The Cableway has a backup hydraulic drive and electricity generators at both the Upper and Lower Cable Station to ensure cable cars are not at risk during load-shedding 
  • There will be a slight delay in ride time: Switching over to the backup systems takes time so there will be a delay in our operations. We appreciate your patience during this time
  • Expect half-filled rides: We are not able to run at full capacity during a power outage and cable cars will only carry half the usual load during this time

Your safety and comfort are our main priorities during power outages.

“We would like to reassure visitors that we have sufficient backup systems in place whilst load-shedding is underway,” says Sabine Lehmann, managing director of the Table Mountain Cableway. “Visitors travelling by cable car will not be in any danger during a power outage.”

Things to do when it’s lights out

We encourage you to enjoy our variety of experiences that are not electricity dependent, like our free informative guided walks where you can admire our flora and fauna while taking in picturesque views of Cape Town, or enjoying refreshments at our café. Remember to bring along warm clothing as it can get chilly on top and don’t forget your charged cameras or phones.

Check the latest load-shedding schedules (the Cableway is in zone 7) and follow us on Twitter and Facebook for load-shedding updates. 

For more information, please call +27 (0)21 424 8181.

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