Low Emission Zone

The Cableway is working in conjunction with the City of Cape Town to create a Low Emission Zone at the Lower Cable Station parking area.

Air pollution levels can be significantly reduced by taking small measures such as controlling the idling times of coaches. Our objective in establishing a Low Emission Zone is to ensure a clean, safe and healthy environment for our employees and the public. This will be enforced by the end of February 2006. An information leaflet is available for operators and bus drivers, please email Bonte Edwards (Environmental Control Officer) at   bonte@tablemountain.netThis email address is being protected from spam bots, you need Javascript enabled to view it and we will post one to you.

This also fulfils the Cableway’s commitment to the prevention of pollution and the protection of the mountain within our area of responsibility. It is important that we minimise any negative impacts on the environment as we are situated within a National Park and are part of a World Heritage Site.

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