Meet the Cableway suppliers – Durell Platt, growing his business to become the best

Meet the Cableway suppliers – Durell Platt, growing his business to become the best

After having worked in the catering and events space for 16 years, Durell Platt took the bold move of starting his own catering company. When Chef Daddy opened in 2012, Platt and his partners operated from a small kitchen and had only two clients. Today, they have moved to much larger premises, employ 18 staff members and have a client list of more than 300.

“Our growth is mainly attributed to being fanatical about service and striving to deliver the best possible quality output consistently,” says Platt.


Chef Daddy’s relationship with the Cableway began after an event when its sales director, Richard Sookdaw, introduced himself to our team. We were so impressed with the business that we started hiring Chef Daddy for a series of events and functions.

Whether it be a buffet feast, a variety of delectable snacks, a unique platter selection, a floating dinner or plated five-course meal, Chef Daddy does it all.

“We have a great relationship with the Cableway as there is always transparency. They let us know when we are doing a great job and also let us know if we have fallen short, with the aim of constant improvement,” explains Platt.

Earlier this year Platt also graduated from our Enterprise Supplier Development (ESD) programme, run by Siyakha Implementation Partners. He joined the programme as he knew that in order to take his business to the next level, the team needed to start investing in business systems in order to produce better results and create better value for their business.


Meet some of the Chef Daddy staff

“As small business owners we sometimes get caught up in being reactive, with no road map; we get into the habit of just putting out fires. The ESD programme allows you to take a step back, plan and make your business better and stronger.

“Though our business is mainly about our people, I have learned that it is in your interest as a business owner to make your business system-dependent. I have learnt that you must get the right people and then use them to help you develop great systems to grow the business,” says Platt.

Looking to the future, Platt hopes to use some of these skills to grow the business over the next year. By the end of 2020 he hopes to reach a turnover of R12-million, as well as create five more employment opportunities.

“We have a vision of being the best catering business in the Western Cape. By being the best we mean being the most recognised by our peers, the most sought after by potential customers, and the most aspirational business in the industry to work for,” he says.

We completely agree with this vision, and can’t wait to see how the Cableway will grow with Chef Daddy along the way.

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