Meet the Cableway suppliers: EcoPack’s Lauren Clack’s vision is to protect the earth through sustainable packaging

Meet the Cableway suppliers: EcoPack’s Lauren Clack on having a positive effect on the environment

“We believe in closing the earth’s mineral cycle, and work towards educating people on seeing waste as a resource.” This is how EcoPack director and founder Lauren Clack describes her company’s mission – not only for Cape Town, but for the planet.

If you haven’t heard of this sustainable packaging company before, consider this your formal introduction to one of our key suppliers that helped keep the Cableway operational before the national lockdown.

EcoPack provides biodegradable and compostable packaging as a sustainable and environmentally responsible alternative to traditional single-use food-service disposables.

The company believes that by composting packaging comprising plant material that contains minerals, it becomes a resource to make nutrient-dense compost, which can be used to grow more plants – keeping the nutrients and minerals in a closed loop. Its offerings include eco-friendly coffee cups and lids, chlorine-free, disposable EcoWare takeaway containers, biodegradable, environmentally safe cleaning products, paper straws, serviettes, and more.


EcoPack began operations in 2009 with the goal of educating consumers about plastic waste and its effects on people. Clack explains: “[We were] born from a desire to create awareness about environmental waste, and to find solutions to a growing plastic waste trend.”

Their shared love for Cape Town brought EcoPack and the Cableway together, she says, noting that the decision to join forces was an easy one to make. “As a team of Capetonians, Table Mountain holds a special place in our heart and soul. We approached the [Cableway] team with our products, passionately explained our purpose, and the rest is history.” 

Unfortunately, as for many businesses in South Africa and around the world, Covid-19 has been the greatest challenge of 2020 for EcoPack. Clack, however, is hopeful that the company will grow even stronger once the pandemic ends.

“Our dreams and vision remain unchanged – having a positive effect on the environment. We’re hoping to come out the other side with our passion intact, even if we, like many others, are feeling a little battered and bruised. Our desire is for an increased sense of community to arise from lockdown, and for as many people as possible to stay safe,” says Clack. 

To the EcoPack team, we can’t wait to join forces after the national lockdown to serve the people of Cape Town and this beautiful country once again! 

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