Meet the Cableway suppliers: Lizl Naudé’s Lilly Loompa transforms waste to wonder

Meet the Cableway suppliers: Lizl Naudé’s Lilly Loompa transforms waste to wonder

In 2015, Lizl Naudé found herself in desperate financial circumstances and went on her knees and prayed for an idea to lift her out of her dire straits. When she opened her eyes, she saw waste, but also an answer to her problems. Today, Lilly Loompa, Naudé’s company, specialises in creating homeware through upcycling waste.

“My life’s purpose is restoration. My product is symbolic of that. My family and I were literally on the rubbish heap and got an opportunity to reinvent ourselves. What I like about our products is the fact that they get a second lease on life. And the second life is much more significant than the first!” explains Naudé.


Lizl Naudé accepts her certificate at the ESD graduation event earlier this year

Lilly Loompa (a name derived from Naudé’s childhood nickname and her favourite fictional characters, Roald Dahl’s Oompa-Loompas), manufactures homeware through a process the company has dubbed “hipcycling”. This means it upcycles discarded waste by transforming it into desirable products. Waste is collected from residential estates and waste-management companies and then sustainably reimagined as beautiful, yet purposeful, products. 

“Each Lilly Loompa piece, once trash, is now a meaningful treasure,” says Naudé.  

Naudé and her family have always been big fans of the Cableway and visit the mountain as often as they can. In February 2018, she noticed posters in the Shop at the Top about how the Cableway supports local businesses. The next Monday, she got in touch with our supply team and our partnership with Lilly Loompa began.


Lizl Naudé smiles at the ESD garduation event with Cableway executive management, Rianda Williams and Neil Arbous 

“I really enjoy the transparency and level of approachability that I have in my interactions with the Cableway. The buyers are always willing to assist and we work together to try and make the agreement and product work for both parties,” Naudé explains.

A few months after signing up as a supplier with the Cableway, Naudé was asked to take part in the Enterprise and Supplier Development programme, run by Siyakha Implementation Partners.

“The programme allowed me to become part of a network and family of like-minded entrepreneurs. I’ve met so many wonderful people and I feel confident, having a team of experts available to assist my business,” says Naudé. 


Lizl Naudé from Lilly Loompa (in the middle) poses with two fellow graduates from the ESD programme 

She adds that no other company she supplies operates such an initiative. “It makes us, as suppliers, feel valued and supported. What I appreciate is the fact that the programme is geared to have a positive impact on the business as a whole to become a supplier of excellence.”

Looking towards the future, Naudé wants to scale up Lilly Loompa to employ more staff with an expanded product range. In 10 years, she hopes to employ 100 people, supplying 500 wholesale clients worldwide with Lilly Loompa cemented as a household name.

More than anything, however, Naudé just wants to live a happy and contented life with her husband and two daughters. 

With sustainability being so close to our hearts at the Cableway, we support Naudé’s mission to transform waste into useful products all the way. You can support her too by keeping an eye open for Lilly Loompa’s innovative products in our shops.

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