Meet the Cableway suppliers – Mabel Adriaans uplifts communities with her small business

Meet the Cableway suppliers – Mabel Adriaans uplifts communities with her small business

For Mabel Adriaans and her family, their company, Imifuno Fresh, grew from a need to support themselves and their community. 

“My husband had an accident on a building site and could no longer support the family,” explains Adriaans. “He then started his own business on a smaller scale to earn some money, to put his children through university. It grew to the extent that we can now help the community.”

Imifuno Fresh is a fresh fruit, vegetable and herb supplier, registered in October 2017. The small business services restaurants in the Western Cape and has become one of our local suppliers at the Cableway. “All herbs and vegetables are freshly sourced on the day of delivery, and all the produce is delivered in a refrigerated delivery van,” says Adriaans.  


We began our working relationship with Adriaans and her company in 2005. Through a recommendation from a local farmer, her husband, Robert, got in touch with the Cableway, and the rest is history!  

“We value the Cableway for creating jobs for small businesses like ours and allowing us to deliver top-quality goods that are presentable and fresh so that people [from] all over the world can enjoy a delicious meal,” says Adriaans.  

“The Cableway supports us by empowering its suppliers and is highly appreciated for it.”

As a recent Cableway Supplier Excellence programme graduate, Adriaans explains she has felt empowered to make her business a greater success. Hard work, discipline and dedication have been the pillars she has relied on to expand Imifuno Fresh.

During a meeting with suppliers at the Cableway, Adriaans first heard about the Enterprise and Supplier Development programme, run by Siyakha Implementation Partners. “I had absolutely no experience as a small business person. I decided that I needed to empower myself and get some knowledge on how to run a business, especially with the administrative work. My husband had all the experience in buying and selling produce.”  


Robert and Mabel Adriaans, owners of Imifuno Fresh

Adriaans says the company’s greatest accomplishment in the past year was being able to move to bigger premises, and employing more people from the Philippi area was also a highlight. Prospects for 2020 look bright as the company hopes to grow the business even more, while remaining closely aligned to its community roots. 

“There are many businesses in our field and the competition is tough,” says Adriaans. “We hope to expand and to create jobs in the informal settlement and to uplift our disadvantaged community.”

Imifuno Fresh is a small business worth keeping an eye on and we cannot wait to see how you grow! 

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