Meet the Cableway suppliers: Phumla Yoywane on fighting unemployment, one event at a time

Meet the Cableway suppliers: Phumla Yoywane on fighting unemployment, one event at a time

In 2010, Phumla Yoywane took up a side-hustle as a waiter for an events company to make ends meet. In the years to follow she was retrenched from her full-time jobs twice and could simply not face another possible retrenchment. So she decided to start her own business, using her eight years of experience in the events and hospitality space. 

Today, Phumla is the proud owner and founder of Rimac Events Staffing and graduate of the Table Mountain Aerial Cableway Enterprise and Supplier Development (ESD) programme, and she is going from strength to strength.


Phumla Yoywane accepts her certificate at the Cableway Enterprise and Supplier Development graduation event earlier this year

Rimac Events Staffing officially started up in 2018. The business recruits and trains people to become waiters, bartenders, hosts and hostesses, setup crew, porters and floor managers for large-scale and corporate events.

The company has grown to such an extent that earlier this year it was able to provide a crew of 130 to staff an event. Not only did the team manage to pull off the mammoth task of coordinating so many people, but Rimac also walked away from the event with a happy client. 

Although Yoywane hails this feat as a key accomplishment in the company’s history, she’s already looking towards her next big step.

“In the next 10 years I see us having a whole hospitality training academy. My intention is to have an academy where individuals get accredited in waitron, bartending and stewardship programmes.

“It would be great if we could contribute our bit to fighting unemployment in South Africa by training the underprivileged and unemployed. Simply put, we want to help the unemployed to be employable and the inexperienced to be experienced,” Yoywane explains Rimac’s vision.


Phumla Yoywane smiles with fellow ESD graduates

While she was still working as a waiter herself, the company that employed her provided event staff to the Cableway. When Rimac took off, the Cableway was one of the first companies she approached for business. Although it took nearly two months to meet the Cableway’s compliance requirements, Rimac was taken on as a Cableway supplier and signed up to take part in the ESD programme run by Siyakha Implementation Partners.

“I never took Business Studies at school and didn’t really know what it takes to run a business. The ESD programme gave me that knowledge and taught me how to run and grow my business sustainably,” says Yoywane. 

Rimac has seen incremental growth since its launch and Yoywane has a vision to employ and empower potentially hundreds more people in the future. Although she started off from a situation where she, herself, was unemployed, she has gained the skills along the way to continue to grow Rimac and create more jobs.

Yoywane is a force to be reckoned with and an inspiration to work with – we just can’t wait to host our next event with Rimac!

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