Meet the Cableway suppliers: staff-shuttling service builds on its success

Meet the Cableway suppliers: staff-shuttling service builds on its success

Most businesses nationwide and around the globe have been affected by the Covid-19 pandemic and lockdowns, and although Cape Town staff-shuttling service New Era Transport is no exception, it is looking firmly to the future, aiming to adapt and flourish within the “new normal”.

“Because we offer services to essential services, we’ve been able to trade and maintain our fleet and overheads successfully to date,” says the company’s sales and marketing director, Ashley Newton, explaining that its core business entails collecting staff from their homes and dropping them off at their various workplaces, and taking them home again at the end of the workday.

The business was established in 2003 when sister company New Era Recruitment and its clients identified the need for a sound solution to transport temporary staff working irregular hours.

The company’s infrastructure has grown with demand – so much so that New Era Transport blossomed into an entirely separate business entity, now offering, in addition to staff transport, airport transfers, executive and corporate shuttling, door-to-door transport and even wine-route tours.

Its fleet consist of 28 13- and 15-seater commercial transportation vehicles, two 22-seater buses and a number of executive sedans for corporate shuttling, all fitted with tracking systems. The company also has 30 carefully vetted subcontractors, fully compliant with transport legislation, trading under its umbrella.

All drivers undergo extensive pre-employment checks, advanced driver training and additional checks.


Ashley Newton and Brent Newton with Cableway executive management, Rianda Williams and Neil Arbous

The company’s relationship with Table Mountain Aerial Cableway started about eight years ago, says Newton, adding that the Cableway always promotes growth for its suppliers and has also provided opportunities for New Era Transport to network with some of its other suppliers.

When offered the chance to join the Cableway’s Enterprise Supplier Development (ESD) programme, the company “seized it with open arms”, realising the opportunities to grow, develop and improve on strategies, he notes.

The ESD programme showed that “knowledge is power” and gave the business the chance to take a step back and identify flaws and areas of growth and improvement.

“The programme showed us areas of our business that we can improve on, and how to implement, monitor and control the strategies we put in place … We learned through the programme that the way we do things is not necessarily always the right way and – with some positive criticism and changes – we can always improve,” says Newton.

“As the business environment evolves, we need to adopt and embrace change to always offer the best solutions.”

The company plans to build on its accomplishment of graduating from the ESD programme, having realised it “has so much more potential than we actually realised”.

So, where does New Era Transport see itself in the next 10 years? Apart from aiming to be recognised as one of the best staff-shuttling solutions around, the company also wants to diversify into the travel and tourism sector.

We love working with this dynamic business, and look forward to watching it grow!

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