Meet the Cableway suppliers – Yvonne Manyiki, jeweller of Table Mountain

Meet the Cableway suppliers – Yvonne Manyiki, jeweller of Table Mountain

Yvonne Manyiki founded Dimzique Jewellery in 2013 after she explored her passion for creating unique jewellery. Today the jewellery line includes earrings, bracelets, necklaces, rings and foot adorations, and are made from creative materials such as sterling silver, freshwater pearls, crystal beads, seed beads and leather. 

In all her designs, Manyiki focuses on creating pieces that are of a high quality, fashionable and most importantly, affordable.


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Our relationship with Dimzique began in 2018, after Rianda Williams, the Cableway’s retail manager, met with Manyiki at the SARCDA Trade Exhibition, and placed our first order. 

“It was the first time that my products were displayed in a shop, so I had to learn about packaging and merchandising. It’s the thing I value most about my relationship with the Cableway, as it offered me an opportunity to learn,” says Manyiki.

Shortly after becoming a Cableway supplier, Manyiki also signed up to be part of our Enterprise and Supplier Development (ESD) programme, which is run by Siyakha Implementation Partners. “I wanted to grow my business and I could see that the programme would teach me how,” Manyiki explains.


Manyiki speaks at the Table Mountain Supplier Excellence Awards and ESD graduation event upon accepting her certifcate

Focused on the mission to learn and grow, it’s exactly what Manyiki and Dimzique did, in exponential strides. A few outcomes from the ESD programme include securing a 3 000-unit order from Watkins Valuer (a direct selling agency with a reach in countries including Botswana, Namibia, Lesotho, Swaziland, Angola, Kenya, Zimbabwe, Nigeria and Mozambique); modelling the Dimzique range at the 2019 Torino Fashion Week in Italy; and an invitation to participate in the Africa Women Innovation & Entrepreneurship Forum at the Cape Town International Convention Centre on 29 and 30 October 2019.

Manyiki graduated from the ESD programme in August 2019 at our Supplier Excellence Awards and ESD graduation event with nine other businesses.

“I think the most valuable thing small businesses can take away from programmes such as this is the powerful impact of mentorship and coaching. It was incredibly powerful to have someone who wasn’t telling me what to do to grow my business, but who rather worked with me,” Manyiki says of her experience.

Going forward, Manyiki plans to use the skills she has gained over the past year to build Dimzique to become a market leader. She aims to reach a turnover of more than R400 000 in 2021 through investing in branding, improving product presentation and displays, and growing her retail network. 


Manyiki (centre) alongside fellow graduates of the Table Mountain ESD programme

More than anything she is focused on ensuring that all customers continue to be totally happy with the quality of Dimzique’s products and services. As extremely happy and proud customers, we can’t wait to see how the company will grow further under Manyiki’s guidance. 

Keep an eye open for Dimzique Jewellery at the Cableway Visitor Centre, next to the Lower Station Kiosk, as well as the Shop at the Top.

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