N7W inauguration to welcome Vietnam’s beauty

N7W inauguration to welcome Vietnam’s beauty

Table Mountain’s New7Wonder of Nature inauguration is almost upon us and we are excited to welcome a host of local and international delegates to Cape Town and Table Mountain.

Delegates from the other six New7Wonders of Nature will also be in attendance, including the current Ambassador of Vietnam Tourism Ly Nha Ky.

The glamorous businesswoman, charity activist and actress was a key figure in Halong Bay’s New7Wonder of Nature campaign. She organised promotional events in the Socialist Republic of Vietnam and encouraged people to vote for the beautiful bay, in Quáng Ninh province.

It was thanks to her and her team’s dedication and commitment that Halong Bay was officially inaugurated as a New7Wonder of Nature on April 27 2012.

During her role as Ambassador of Vietnam Tourism Ly Nha Ky encouraged investment in Vietnam and participated in numerous charity events, including sponsoring tests and surgeries for children and aiding in having more schools, bridges and roads constructed.

Though her one-year term, since September 21 2011, has now ended, she will continue to hold the position until a suitable replacement has been found.

We look forward to welcoming her and our other delegates to our African wonder.

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