Our carbon footprint remains zero

Our carbon footprint remains zero


We've increased the amount of recycling done by more than 950%

In an effort to remain carbon neutral, Table Mountain Cableway continues to develop and implement several responsible tourism initiatives.

One of the initiatives which have helped us achieve a zero carbon footprint, is the Kuyasa Housing Project – where we offset our 2015 emissions by investing in the project.

The Kuyasa Housing Project is a low-carbon initiative in Khayelitsha that installs solar water heaters, ceilings and energy efficient lightbulbs in 2 100 homes. This results in monetary savings, improved indoor air quality and reduced greenhouse gases. The project has also created a number of jobs.

Over the past year we have reduced our energy consumption by 11% per visitor (enough to power eight households for a year), have diverted 52% our waste from landfill (enough to fill 12 cable cars) and have reduced our water consumption by 5% per visitor (enough to fill 32 cable cars)!

Lastly, we have also increased the number of goods we source from local suppliers. This helps reduce our carbon footprint significantly and helps to promote the local goods industry – a win-win for all!

These initiatives, together with our resource management practises, is why we were recognised at the 2015 African Responsible Tourism Awards – where we received Diamond Heritage Status on the Heritage Environmental Rating Programme. And we plan to keep it that way!

So next time you visit the mountain be a responsible visitor!

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